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Pest Removal Specialist Don Brody Q & A

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5 Church Ln Unit 102, Pikesville, MD 21208

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What city were you raised and grow up?

I was born in Baltimore City, MD and was raised in Pikesville, Maryland.

As a kid did you do anything that helped or applies to your trade? If not, what can you tell readers about yourself as a child?

I grew up with my father, who ran a pest removal service. Watching and assisting my daddy with his organization definitely influenced my interest in the market.

What are your favorite pastimes and activities? Do you have any accomplishments or noteworthy awards in any of these activities?

My favorite leisure activities and activities consist of fishing, kayaking, and hanging out with my family.

Family information and activity participation (partner, kids, little league coach etc.). Perhaps how they help with business.

I share four wonderful daughters with my beautiful spouse, Tova. Tova contributed in the starting of On the Fly Wildlife Removal . She operated in the office, responding to phones and interacting with consumers for the very first 2 years of operation. She now works as a midwife, but continues to work as an accountant for On the Fly Pest Control Solutions.

Do you have any pets?

No. My spouse and kids love to promote and re-home stray cats. You can frequently find a friendly cat in our house, but we do not have any pets of our own.

Company Vision & Philosophy (construct compassion with your consumer) What are your goals with the company, why do you delight in doing what you do, perhaps a story of your sacrifice & simple beginnings that have actually brought your company to where it is now.

I began On the Fly Pest Control with an enthusiasm for serving others, and the belief that individuals are much more than a dollar figure. I wished to establish a reliable company that could provide consumers with safe and sustainable services. It was essential to me that On the Fly Wildlife Removal Solutions could assist customers to attend to the source of their pest and rodent problems, rather than the signs.

I started the business as a home-based business in 2014. My partner worked as On the Fly Pest Control ‘s first Customer Service Representative. I was the only specialist, and I had one 1989 Dodge D150. Ever since, the company has seen growth considerably. On the Fly Wildlife Removal now has a fleet of 10 trucks and utilizes a dynamic team of devoted full-time workers. We have a team of 4 Pest extermination professionals, 4 Wildlife removal operators, and 3 administrative workplace personnel. Our goal is to supply our employee with sustainable career chances that allow room for development and advancement.

Our investment in our consumers and staff members has assisted On the Fly Wildlife Control to end up being a premier business with entities like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Google.

What life difficulty have you faced that has defined who you are?

I matured with 13 siblings in a low income, single-parent family in Baltimore, MD. My family faced a number of difficulties that came along with raising a big family with really little resources. Those experiences taught me the value of difficult work and durability.

Inform me about a time when you have faced adversity on the task and what you did to conquer it. (If no instances, inform me about your favorite job carried out in the previous or both!).

In the early phases of the business, On the Fly Wildlife Removal was worked with to treat several structures along a 170-acre plot of land. The structures, which were integrated in the 1950’s, were totally plagued with rodents. The old nature of the structures made the rodents extremely hard to control. The company had actually not yet hired additional pest specialists, so I dealt with the property on my own. The job required long days, and some late nights away from my family. I worked diligently to carry out seal up an exclusion services till every structure was effectively secured.

Company Timeline (creation, collaborations, area changes, addition of technicians, expansion and so on).

My better half and I addressed phones and arranged clients while I worked as the business’s only field service technician. By the end of 2016, the company had hired a 2nd full-time pest control service technician and another full-time office staff. The company continued to grow and broaden through the summer season of 2018 when the organization transitioned from a home workplace to our existing head office at 5 Church Lane in Pikesville, Maryland.

When did you get involved in the industry and what is the story of how you began doing this professionally.

My daddy’s pest removal company really catapulted me into the market. By the time I decided to start my own pest extermination organization, I had grown more interested in finding out how to practice pest removal in a more secure, more efficient method.

What makes you a specialist in your subject area (certifications, training, industry associations, awards, affiliations, licensing, degrees and so on).

I am licensed through the MD Dept. of Agriculture in structural pest extermination, termite extermination, rodent extermination, and public health and mosquito control. I likewise hold a Wildlife Damage Removal License through the MD Department of Natural Resources.

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